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Jan. 18th, 2012 09:16 pm
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If you've got anything related to either Sherlock: Game of Shadows or season 2 of BBC's Sherlock, you MUST use the *SPOILERS tag. I cannot emphasise this enough. The books may have been out a century, but that's no excuse.

If you see spoilers and find that the tag hasn't been used, feel free to add it.
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This place seems a bit too quiet, and Sir Nevil usually likes an audience. That being said, he can't help but wonder what is happening.

"Good afternoon? Is anyone about?"

OOC: Sir Nevil Airey Stent of The Hound of the D'Urbervilles infamy. Currently (immediately) pre-"Red Planet League." Feel free to shower the Astronomer Royal with your squid adoration and respect.
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Molly Hooper is sitting on a swivel stool in the lab. A scale with someone's former liver atop it sits in front of her, a log book and pen at her side; however, she can't concentrate. Pensive, she rests her chin in her hand and stares blankly into space. WHY did he have to be so callous?, she wondered. She'd chosen that dress especially for the occasion...for him. Now all she felt was humiliation and heartbreak. And did he have to ruin the only other relationship she'd tried to persevere with Jim from the IT department? She had actually begun to fall for him; if anyone could have dragged her away from the flame, it would have been him. That said, any unhappiness and disappointment that would follow her, Sherlock was usually at the source of it. Molly had thought about actually leaving her cats at home this evening and attending a speed-dating event down the pub that she'd heard about from one of her colleagues, but now she felt totally awkward, and completely unattractive. Why bother? The situation seemed pointless as she prodded the dead liver with tongs and pulling a face.

[OOC: Molly's depressed; somebody go and cheer her up, would ya? Also, she doesn't necessarily need to only be attracted to Sherlock in this verse; I am actually a little interested in what would have happened had Sherlock not deduction-blocked 'Molliarty' in 'The Great Game'. So, any Jim-muns, get in touch. Lestrade and Watson are game, too. :) TAGGED FOR FUTURE POST-REICHENBACH FALL STORYLINES!! ]
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It was a dark and stormy afternoon –– the type where all anyone really wants to do is sit inside and grouse about the weather over a cup of coffee and the newspaper. John Watson, unfortunately, was doing quite the opposite of that (minus the grousing part – he was complaining quite a bit, albeit inwardly). It seemed that every Very Important Errand he'd ever had in his life had chosen to fall on this particularly nasty day, and so he'd been forced out into the blustery hellishness of the storm.

The morning hadn't started out all that bad, actually. The thunder and wind had put a slight damper on Watson's spirit but he'd shrugged it off and reassured himself that a spot of bad weather wasn't enough to ruin an entire day, and he set off with that idea set firmly in mind. Not forty minutes later, his mood was already souring. The rain was proving to be too much even for an umbrella and he was getting soaked just walking from carriage to shopfront. Each building he entered seemed to house at least one person willing to happily remark on his miserable state as they sat cozy and dry with their crackling fires and brimming tea cups. At one point a carriage passed too closely to a nearby puddle and Watson found himself with a pair of sopping wet shoes in turn.

It was understandable that he was fed up with everything and everyone by the time he returned from his errands that day. The last thing he wanted was to find Sherlock up to doing any number of the odd things he was prone to, or to be met by an officer begging for help on whatever new case was baffling Lestrade. He just wanted to read the bloody paper. Of course, things were rarely quite so easy, no matter how much one hoped.

"I'm back," he announced flatly as he stepped inside and shut the door.

[ooc: Open to everyone! This can be set post-game of shadows or pre-first movie or even "bizarre alien universe with dinosaurs and monsters" if you want, just let me know! Prose or action tags are fine – I just want to practice with this guy.]
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Pulling back on her long rubber gloves, Mrs. Hudson left the slow-cooker to do it's job, satisfied that the thickening chili within would be ready well in time for a nice early dinner. She'd been making her way between it and 221c since the late morning, but hardly out of any real sense of fire safety.

No, she was simply taking every opportunity to pass by the slim package resting on the hall sidetable. It was so unusual for either of the boys to receive a package, she couldn't help the leery sense of curiosity. After all, Sherlock seemed to lift everything he needed from the St Bart's lab (she'd seen the labels in her occasional attempts at organizing the boy's kitchen) and John... well. It sometimes seemed he knew less of the computer than she did.

Mrs. Hudson took a long moment to give the package one last steely look (don't you dare explode, I only just hoovered, her glare seemed to say) before ducking back into the dim dankness of 221c to continue her attempts at sprucing.

Oh, how did she manage to let it fall into such a state?

[ ooc: I'm comfortable with action or prose logs, so it's taggers preference! Visitors are obviously welcome, as are the Baker Street boys themselves. Multiple threads adored. This is pre-Reichenbach, but I can tweak if you'd prefer post 2x03. Just let me know. ]
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And it's open!

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Art courtesy of reapersun@tumblr

What for? Who knows! Where at? Who cares! Who's paying for all this? Mycroft!! )
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1. It's okay to not like things.
2. Don't be a dick about the things you don't like.

Or in Teal Deer terms:

Because this is an open community with characters from a wide range of adaptations and players with a wide range of preferences, there is going to be content you don't approve of, characterisation you disagree with and people you just don't like. And that's okay.
The same also applies in reverse. If someone doesn't want to smut? Don't be a dick about it. If someone only wants RDJ-verse Holmesians to tag them? It's okay. If someone politely asks you not to tag them? That's their prerogative.

In the words of our friend Doctor John Watson: It's all fine.

If someone is ruining the fun and won't cease and decist, bring it to the mod post. The strict No Dicks Allowed policy will be enforced. (Though we permit fictional dicks, and dicks attached to those of us who have them.)
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Questions. Comments. Suggestions. Critisism (with helpful ways to fix what is going wrong!) Requests for extra tags.

All of these things are welcome here.

Frequently Asked Questions )


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A Sherlock Holmes Dressing Room

Sherlock Holmes Sandbox?

What is it?
A more-or-less free for all community where anything goes, as long as it's Sherlock Holmes.

Who can I post with?
SH characters, of course! Feel free to AU characters to the SH world too.

Are there rules?
Right here

So many tags!
They're to help other people know how to better respond to you! Use them as much or as little as you like.

I have more questions!
This is the place for you!